As a Chef and Artist, Mr. Jagger Gordon dream of creating a culinary experience and taste that will last a lifetime on your pallet. Through his travels around the world, Jagger Gordon demonstrate passion behind his creations, which are both globally and locally inspired. He specialize in Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, Southern B.B.Q as well as in Molecular Gastronomy which has instilled a lifelong passion for a fresh and locally sourced fare.

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BSS created this website to make customers’ menu ordering more enjoyable with less hustle, the websites performance had to match its design and ease of use. BSS confirmed that from account creation, to order placement and payment, to systems integration, and to contact executive chef & a culinary artist Jagger Gordon would hold up to real-world use.

What Technologies BSS Used to Design & Develop Chef Jagger Gordon’s website

  • WordPress Customization
  • Php
  • JavaScript
  • JSON Files
  • Google Maps API


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