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Every different person has different responsibilities that they must fulfill on a regular basis. From working late hours at the office, to having to having to shop for groceries on their way home, the daily stress of having so many responsibilities can lead to some short term memory loss, which can lead to many different kinds of problems such as, not being able to make time for something you might want to learn or applying for volunteer work so that you could help the community. It is for this reason that having a place where someone can easily note down and organize their many different tasks is so essential, and what more convenient place is there than in their very own mobile phones? This app will provide people a detailed schedule in the palm of their hands that will display all of their needs elaborately and in a very user friendly manner that anyone can easily understand.

Righter: a mobile app that will allow users to very thoroughly note down their ideas, goals, plans and more that they have planned for the future as well as their personal achievements and any volunteer work that they may have done. Furthermore, users will be able to elaborate on these ideas using tags of their desired names. This allows users to have a very clear and concise display of all their goals and other aspirations and each of these goals can vary from noting down the desire to learn a new skill, such as learning a new language to planning out a project to do in the future, such as the development of a game.

Key Features

  • Task management & reporting
  • Local & remote database synchronization
  • Task notifications
  • Social Media Login

What Technologies BSS Used to Design & Develop Righter Mobile Application for Android and IOS

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Amazon Web Services


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