Research & Development

The exciting multidisciplinary learning, research and development department of BSS aims at serving research activities in internet of things (IoT), robotics and business intelligent systems. We want to explore, experience, and investigate variety of emerging devices and technologies such as ubiquitous computing, smart sensing, sensor networks and pervasive connectivity, and their potential applications in consumer, retail, healthcare and industrial contexts.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will transform the way we live, work, and play. We provide a research platform exploring the potential of crowdsourcing and Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research with more end-user interactions.

Multi-robot systems

Mobile robots networks equipped with sensors offer a diverse set of applications including agriculture, military, environmental, exploration, health and many others. We concern the development of algorithms for optimizing the efficiency of such networks. Both centralized and decentralized solutions are developed for comparative analysis. A simulator is built for implementation and validation of the proposed algorithms. The real-work experiments will be conducted on the mobile robot platforms for real data analyses and demonstrations.

Business intelligent systems

BSS team works on the intersection of network science and business intelligence. We analyze real world networks such as organization, social and communication networks. Based on the analysis we aim to develop network based business intelligence techniques.

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